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Estrella’s Sunlight: Prologue

Prologue: Sun's Pleasure

"Again? Why do I always have to deal with bullshit!?"

The man sat at his desk exhausted from his work. It had been a long day and his co-worker asked him to fill in for him.

It was not a laborious job, but it drained the man of his energy. It wasn't the long hours, but the deadlines that drowned his mind with cortisol. Veins emphasized his strains as they flowed in angles across his forehead. The screen in front of him reflects off his glasses. Darkness tints underneath his eyes following soft wrinkles of sleep-deprived youth. Untamed dark bristles shadow his chubby cheeks. Taking a deep breath the man laid back and brought a cup of black coffee to his mouth.

It'd been ages since he was able to taste much of anything so he only drank it for the caffeine. Cream and sugar were useless carbohydrates that he did not like indulging in. Life was boring. Tasteless. Just like this coffee.

"I'm tired of staring at these stupid documents. They will get rejected anyway."

He stood up and grabbed his coat. He wasn't a man to selflessly sacrifice himself for others much less his co-workers. The man walked to the office kitchen and dumped the remaining liquid in his cup down the drain. He wasn't going to be needing it anyway. As he rinsed the cup he scoffed.

"She thinks I am going to take that as an excuse."

The man's lips narrow as his eyebrows draw in. His co-worker had dropped the finalization of the floor's cumulative work on him. It was obvious she had put off her work as there were tons of things to edit, let alone prepare for publishing. She excused her self on the account of caring for her ill grandmother.

"In the hospital she said." He scoffed as he set the cup down back on his desk. "What a laugh." He thought it was incomprehensible that she would be so flirty when providing him with an excuse for him to do her job.

His stomach growled as he had skipped lunch. The man was conscious about his weight so he avoided eating in front of his co-workers. He couldn't taste much, but greasy food provided a comfort against the daily gloom he had dealt with every day. his favorite restaurant was on a street behind the offices he was now in. Just a few buildings away.

The night was dark and cold. The man saluted the officer as he walked out of the building's glass doors. The wind had a wonderful smell to it. The clouds covered the moon and stars. Lightning lit up the distant scenery, but the rain had yet introduced itself to where the man stood.

The man hurried around the building into an alley. He wanted to go directly to the restaurant across the street. He could practically smell the burger. Although the repetition of his life brought no flavor. He salivated thinking about the crunchy texture brought by bacon. Its rough delight complements the smooth tearing of the soft tender meat decorated by a sweet scarlet fluid that flows around.

"Watch out miss the pervert has a knife!"

The man awoke from a delightful delusion of burgers to one of horror and shock. Crimson stained the pearly shirt and dark blue jeans of the female in front of him. There was fear in her eyes as she stared intensely into him. The man's ears rang from the scream of the girl as she backed away.

"Are you okay miss?" A firm gentle voice came from somebody that stood in between the dejected office worker and the girl.

The person in front of the office worker stood tall and strong, his chin was just over his shoulder. Both of their arms gripping something hidden in between their torsos. A piece of sharp metal. Both of them had their hands upon a handle. One with intent, the other from the pure reaction. A warm dark fluid flowed unto the street.

The man collapses.

"That was exhilarating." The man sat on the curb looking into the dark clouds that covered the sky.

-I cannot believe I got away with that.

The police were at the scene, a young brunette had tears flowing. A police jacket was over her shoulders as two officers stood over her. In between tears, she explained to them. How a man with the face of someone seeking pleasure lunged at her from the alley. That he was wielding a knife. That she was saved by the handsome gentleman that sat by the curb.

-That handsome gentleman is me.

"My name is Sun," I responded to the officer. "Yes, I had just come from work nearby. I was on my way to the bar."

-He is so formal. Most new ones tend to go the extra mile when they are green to their profession. He thinks I did something brave and reckless. I do agree it was reckless but brave? That insinuates I did something good.

"Thank you for worrying for me officer, but I am fine." the officer was worried about Sun as he was covered in the man's blood. People were cheering and taking video as they had crowded to see the commotion of civil services in the street. Blue and red lights decorated the buildings that soaked in the darkness of the night. Police questioned witnesses and blocked those trying to please their curiosity. An ambulance who helped set the scene red had turned off its lights. The paramedics helped officers load a body into a police SUV. Tinted windows and "police examiner" marked the side of the vehicle. A crime crew marked the pools of blood as evidence. The man had bled empty before the ambulance arrived. Someone in the crowd screamed that Sun was a hero. The brunette with the blood-stained pearly shirt looked over to Sun and shouted gratitude amidst tears. A clap was heard within the crowd. Followed by another, and another, until the sounds of cheering and applause deafened the sounds of the traffic around the scene. The young officer standing in front of Sun went along with the crowd. He placed his hands together four times before he clarified, "Thank you, this is all I need for now."

"Of course sir, If you need anything else let me know."

The officer walked to discuss with others that shared his uniform.

-This is exhilarating. Truly, Amazing. This couldn't be easier. I need to leave now before someone decides to question me at the station.

The mass of respect towards the gentleman who saved a girl in the night by an attacker relaxed the officers will towards Sun. Sun's co-operation and gentle explanations coincided perfectly with the girl and other nearby witnesses. One of the crowd had been filming for a live stream and was able to provide a quick playback of the struggle between Sun and the aggressor. The camera showed only the back and forth struggle of two men. The streamer had only responded after Sun had yelled, "Watch out miss the pervert has a knife!". The young brunette had blood sprayed on her as the men struggled in front of her. Sun had his back away from her as he had closed into the man. Back and forth movements can be seen from their arms. Blood sprayed more and more during the struggle until the man ultimately had fallen. Sun had pierced the man in the chest with a knife he planned to use on the girl. A reaction too slow and the hero would have been the one being pierced.

This hero now kept seated waiting for an opportunity to leave undisturbed. He placed the palm of his hand on his right cheek. He let it caress across the shadow of his chiseled jawline unto the back of his neck. Blush in his cheeks as he reacted in embarrassment to the praise. A clear wide and beautifully white smile spread across his face. His narrow eyes enhanced by strong dark lengthy eyelashes only helped increase the intoxication from his aesthetical facial features. Thick and lean black eyebrows contrasted against his clean pale forehead covered by restless hairs that he brushed back away from his face. A large patch of healthy black hair enjoyed resting its weight over his right eye. Sun enjoyed the feeling of his fingers brushing into the full of his head. He pushed it back and over as he avoided the hair from falling unto the fades that embellished his thin and muscular complexion. As the police examiner's vehicle began to leave, officers move some of the onlookers out of the way. This focused a large portion of attention towards its direction. Sun used this as his advantage to slip between the crowd that was thinned of police attention. Regardless an officer of the investigation team asked him to stop.

Quickly, Sun shifted the officer's attention away, " I apologize sir, but I need to get going. I left all of my information with him." Sun pointed. " He has my address and contact if you need anything else I'll be more than happy to continue this later." Sun's finger pointing towards the young officer that spoke with him earlier turned the policeman head to look. When he turned back, Sun was gone. Instead, people in front of him asked him questions about the scene.

-My address. Ha, I am not even from this state. It won't be long before they start looking for me though. I am sure the coroner will start to question the way that pervert died. I wonder what he was thinking about? He gave me a perfect opportunity regardless. I cannot believe how easy this is. Michael was right. Hit and runs are the best way to do this. With a few lies and taking advantage of people's adrenaline and misinterpretation, I end up a hero instead. I am sure they caught my face on that stream. I made sure to pose for the onlookers afterward as well. But best of all. I killed someone. His flesh as I stabbed my knife into him over and over and over. The tender feeling in my wrist. The resistance as I opened up pours in his heart. I made it look like we struggled, and I made sure he bled to death in minutes. Two birds with one stone. 

Sun kept walking under the dark clouds. Droplets of rain finally started to fall, regardless he did not flinch. Instead, Sun removed the bloodied button-up shirt and threw it into a trashcan on the sidewalk. A thin cotton undershirt covered his upper body now. Dark blobs appeared on the cotton as it absorbed the tears of the sky.

-It has been a few days since. I got bored with the tasteless repetition life brought me. I don't hate anyone or anything, but it was frustrating not being able to be excited or sad for anyone. I constantly put my self in "danger" so I could feel alive. It wasn't enough. I was mugged near the school I worked at. go figure that it was also one of my students. He tried to mug me with an unloaded gun.

A teen, tall for his age, held a black Beretta at his teacher. They were both only a building away from where they had interacted just a few hours ago. Misguided cultural guidance and neglect left many of the children in the school with blurred morals. The kid was no exception. He was jealous that the girl he liked had romantic desires towards their teacher. the teacher who was now before him. With adrenalin and rage overcoming the youth he went through with spontaneous and unplanned actions. "I'll sho ya yo f*ck. You ain't sh*t!" The teen said as he pulled a gun that was strapped under his long shirt. The teacher, Sun turned around and stared not at the gun, but the kid's eyes. "Get yo pretty boi *ss on that wall!" The kid flicked his gun pointing at the building to his left. Sun understood and slightly shifted his back onto the wall. He rested on it lifting one foot up leaving his body weight to rest on the other. A calm serious expression his face slowly turned into a smirk. Sun's heart began beating faster. His eyes dilated and began to study the situation in front of him. His chest pounded and his arms slowly began to shake.

-Fear? No. This is Excitement.

"You think this funny? Huh?"

"Shoot!" Sun said in a clear soft voice.


the teen had a baffled expression as the remark his teacher made in front of him.

"I will f*cker. If ya don do what I say!"

Sweat dripped down the brows of the kid. He was confused at the shock at what he was doing and how his teacher responded. Regardless his pride wouldn't let him stop and apologize now. He didn't think farther than pulling an unloaded gun at his teacher. Was he going to beat him, or was he happy showing dominance over him? Neither matter, since Sun wasn't giving him the reaction he was going for.

Sun got closer to the gun, placing his face right up the barrel and told him again, "Shoot!"

The kid stumbled on his words, not understanding how to react."

Sun grabbed the gun and pulled it away from him. The youth's finger was caressing the trigger, but the yank from the force did not release anything from the chamber of the gun.

-It's not loaded. How funny.

As Sun pulled on the gun he pushed the teen with the other arm. He stumbled backward on his sagging pants unto the concrete sidewalk. Confused he lifted his pants and scurried backward. Sun stood motionless staring at him with a small and a wrinkled forehead. His eyes piercing like daggers. The kid ran off. Sun stared at the piece of metal called a weapon in his hands. It was the first time he held it. He liked it.

Later that evening with the events still fresh in his mind Sun began to watch television with his dinner. Coincidentally a serial killer was being interviewed in court, broadcasted by a regular news channel. Sun watched in curiosity his finger ready to switch to a more interesting network. the serial killer's name was Michael. Sun smiled.

-Let's try it.

Blood sprayed the asphalt. A loud bang no one heard. A body, that would take time to be found, much more to be recovered.

-Simple. I love this feeling.


Another body.

Another day.

Sun purchased bullets from vending machines at gun ranges. He practiced his aim every day. He drove on the long interstate roads. People walking on these roads fed his newfound pleasure.

He loved it.

The recoil of the gun, the sound of the bullet entering the skull.

The art that was left behind for others to see.

He wanted to experiment. He wanted more. He wanted to feel flesh-ripping with his own hands.

A man. A girl. He looks like a pervert.

"Watch out miss the pervert has a knife!"