Greetings Back!

Please refrain from leaving so often, your presence here feeds me.
Entertain me!

I understand you may have many questions since this website is different from what you are used to. A demon trying to trap you in mindless entertainment, What??? Is it that I am trying to give you the story of my life without charging you or the amount of free content that boggles you. Maybe you simply dismissed the idea of demons actually being real and trying to make a living within common society. Maybe, just maybe the whole website is the demon itself who constructed an elaborate trap to trap humans in a more modern way? Just kidding… I am simply a sad pathetic individual cast out of hell who found a way to survive in this harsh environment you people call life. Alright so um, now that is out-of-the-way let us continue shall we?

About The Website

Can I ask for a commission?

Of course. I do not mind pleasing you. It is in my nature as a demon and butler. Just head over to the [contact page] and you will see where you can ask for something. Maybe you have an idea and are to lazy to bring it to life. Maybe you want to see a specific creature, but do not have the skill to draw it yourself. I will try my best to complete your desire.


Yup. Both the real world and the underworld, believe it or not, are actually horrible places. So anything that may burn the retina of normal society, I stuff away there. It is behind a paywall to keep unwanted underage guests from wandering inside. There are plenty of places to please their curiosity. This site is not one of them.


Although I can survive of attention alone, my whole system would not even last a week. I need to pay rent to pay for the electricity that powers the computer I am using. Internet. Hosting Capability. Milk. It is a viscous cycle. But I do not want to make money from advertisements. They are pesky and ruin the aesthetics of my art. So I decided that this is what I am going to do. Not everyone has money to afford anything these days and I completely understand. While you can easily pay to upgrade the membership and avoid ads, I think it is only fair that if free users make revenue through ads because they are constantly coming here to visit little ole me. Why not remove the ads. If your revenue = cost to upgrade membership, then the third party ads will automatically be removed from your account and you will get a free upgraded membership subscription. Yay!

About Yours Truly

Who are you?

Well I already mentioned many times I am a demon. But not that it matters since you wont believe me anyways. My full name is Sebas Uri Tian! Yup that sounds like a copyright infringement waiting to happen. But its my name. Most everyone calls me Uri, before and after I was cast out of hell. You see the name Sebastian carries weight in the underworld and as a failure in every sense of the word nobody likes using my first and last name together when they refer to me. Why not my last name then? Tian is the name of the family that disowned me, so I also have no right to carry the prestige that comes with it.

As you know by now I am the author, artist and developer of most everything you see here. As a demon I require attention to survive, among other reasons you will learn if you read my stories. Some demons use drugs, alcohol, seduction and the like to addict mortals to them. Some even go as far as stealing their souls or minds to enslave them. Me? Not only do I feel such actions are too barbaric, but they are completely inefficient. I think the angels had it right with religion. If you keep your followers happy and addicted you can create a sense of purified loyalty that spreads.

No I will not start my own religion!!! Do I look like I want to incur the wrath of any beings that might wipe me from existence? No no a humble being like me needs to take things one step at a time. What I meant about religion was the happiness, goodness and hope. Yup, I can bring people to me if I feed the general populace what it wants. And I can keep them if I maintain a sense of wholesomeness in the way I do things. So here I am, I will addict you with mindless entertainment and use the money you give me to help charities and other humans in need. Since I only require human attention it is a win, win right?

Why do I pursue hearts instead of souls?

Your emotional heart is a powerful thing. I promise you I am not going to eat you or anyone you love. I told you before I consume attention to survive. Well when I say through my mediums that I want your heart or that I want people to bring their hearts to the website. I mean loyalty! And I use this in an optimistic way since I want people to come here through their free will and enjoy the content I create. To love it. I want to help those in needs with charity and volunteer work, so they can come back to me and help me feed. I enjoy criticism since it helps me grow into a better creator. I can then use said creations to steal your heart! See what I mean now?

Why can you freely expose yourself as a demon and talk about everything happening in the underworld?

Ha! Cause no one will believe any of it is real. After being cast out here no one believed I was a demon. Thanks to the word cosplay, I was able to blend into society. And all of this sounds so fantastical that I wont be compromising any secrets of the underworld even if I film it and show it to you. Thank you CGI, Thank you Hollywood, the Internet and thank you common sense for helping me live among you without repercussions.

Butler? What is that about?

Read the first volume of my comic. It is the first thing you see on the first page. Yes, technically I am not a Butler. Yet. since I flunked and all. But I was born to serve and went to a university for it so I do have some credibility. Okay I am a bad Butler, but hey I am serving you entertainment so that counts for something. Right? Whatever, the truth is since my world surrounded the Reverendus Butler Hell Academy it was the first thing that popped in my head when I was thinking for a gimmick of my online personality. Also if you believe you are something eventually you will become it, or dress for the job you want? It is one of those. And hey my first and last name are a perfect reference that the opportunity was to hard to pass. Well it’s a reference if you come from the underworld anyways. As a mortal you should probably educate yourself. Wait… my website is probably the only trustworthy medium for the underworld. Bleh, just read my comics you will eventually understand.

I will continue to update this page as needed!

If you have any more questions or need to contact me for any reason, feel free to do so. Click here, or simply go to the contact page in the menu above below the CODEX category. Simply hover your mouse over the category and it will pop down..