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Madriana’s Inheritance

"You're a Witch!"

"And you are a bloody stain in the family."

"I'll expose you! Just wait till I show my father!"

"That bastard won't believe a damn thing from your whore mouth, especially after being caught drunk. He still contemplating on disowning you. HA."

"You're a bitch, you told me it was okay to go out with my friends, that you'd cover fo..."

"HA! You wouldn't have been exposed as the trap you are if you didn't come home drunk. That's completely on you"

"AHHH, you're unbelievable. You only care about his money."

"Of course, I don't know what that slut for a mother of yours saw in him."

"Screw you, you PIECE OF SH... mhM mHM."

A tainted rag was placed covering the mouth of the girl. The rag was no more polluted than the relationship of the two women bonded as kin through a man. A man which one girl loved, the other despised.

The girl was bound in a chair; mouth shut by rag doused in gasoline. She desperately tried to inhale oxygen through her nostrils to avoid the fumes that built up around her breathing.

Her eyes piercing into the woman in front of her. the girl's eyes shined deeper than black pearls. They were filled with hatred as deep as an abyss.

The woman in front of her was her father's new wife.


A woman who was caring and compassionate. Who loved her unconditionally.

Those were the lies fed to the father.

Those lies were quickly deconstructed the moment Madriana had a chance to tear the family apart.

She created a drift between the love of father and daughter. Slowly eating away until the opportune moment.

That moment was right now.

Madriana waited as she had before until the girl was intoxicated after a normal night with her friends.
She then spoke poison to the girl. Agitated her until she became physical.


Screaming for help, security that wandered the halls of the large mansion barged in.

The bodyguards grabbed and restrained her. Careful to not hurt the heiress of the family.

"Please use the curtains to tie her up, I would like to speak with her alone until her father returns to discipline her."

Madriana firmly spoke over the profanities of the intoxicated girls. As the men left the women alone in the room.

"Gasoline? Madriana are you out of your damn mind?"

"Oh come on, it's not like you haven't gotten high of this stuff before. I mean I did find this bottle in your room after all. I am simply going to help your disgusting habits."

Madriana doused a rag with gasoline as they continued their bickering.

She proceeded to gag the girl with the tainted rag. And then waited.

The girl stubbornly pushed the rag with her tongue letting it drop to the floor.

Madriana had another one ready. This time, not only did she gag her, she placed another over her face carefully blocking out her nostrils and wrapped a curtain around her head.

Madriana pulled as the girl resisted and waited.

The girl's ear began to steam red, her cheeks boiled crimson.

Madriana waited.

The girl's eyes became hazy, Her desperation for oxygen became a struggle.

Madriana continued pulling on the curtains. Waiting.

"Madriana is everything okay!?"

A voice of a concerned man could be heard behind the door. It was Father.


Madriana had prepared a beautiful kitchen knife for this moment.

"Oh the things I do for money." Madriana said in a low voice, decorated by a grin.

"Oh honey please help, your daughter has been completely out of control. I just can't anymore!"

Madriana walked over the door to let her husband into the room.

The daughter's restraints where loose. Rags lay visibly on the floor below her feet. A knife on the glass table nearby. Her mouth unbound.

The girl was blinded by hate. She was dizzy. Her vision was hazy. But she could recognize her father's voice anywhere.


She shouted in desperation.

Madriana simply stood with a shocked expression on the brim of tears.

"What the hell is going on."

"Oh baby, When I got here she was doping on gasoline. I wanted to discipline her, but she got aggressive. I had security restrain her."

"What, NO! She's lying, that bitch is lying!"

Madriana let her tears flow as she went to her husband for comfort.

"I know I could never replace your late wife, but I just don't know how to deal with her."

The husband of Madriana, as the father of the girl by blood, looked at his daughter in complete disappointment and disgust.

The frustration, the hate, the anger. It consumed the girl. She struggled out of her restraints. They were loose, but she did not notice. How could she, for her eyes were directed at the knife in front of her.

She darted.

In rage.

In anger.

In hate.

Her senses and mind clouded by the fumes she inhaled. Nothing to hold her back.

She gripped the knife and let it flow into Madriana.

A scarlet fluid spilled onto the floor.

It was over.

A funeral was held.

The detectives gathered all the evidence and accounts of the people in the mansion.

The guards, the father all testified.

It was a happily ever after.

For Madriana.

The girl suicided in prison.

The Father died of shock from the atrocity committed by his daughter.

Madriana ended as the sole heir to the inheritance. A scar in her stomach.

A grin of satisfaction.