Greetings Back!

Please refrain from leaving so often, your presence here feeds me.
Entertain me!



I grit my teeth in the flavor of the exquisite sirloin in front of me. It’s flesh so pleasurable to the neurotransmitter in my brain. My mouth salivates as I swivel the peace of meat inside my mouth. Letting it gently caress the papillae of my tongue. I absorb the smell of the freshly cooked gist pierced by my fork as I lift it underneath my nostrils. The intense aroma complements the taste swishing around in my mouth. Enjoyably so. But this meal isn’t the only thing that will be drowning my body in dopamine.

I think of my next meal as a slight grin exposes the white of my pearls a bit. I look up as my eyes also plead excitement as I think of the next flavor that will envelop my senses. Nitric oxide released as a reaction to the pleasing thoughts in my head. My membrane reaching erection as I lust as the aroma of perfume dancing in the glands of my nose originating from the incarnation of Aphrodite before me.


I wipe my mouth as she offers if I would like seconds. I refuse as I cannot contain my eagerness any longer. She nods in agreement waiting for me to finish up. I wipe my mouth again and brought a glass cup to my lips allowing the remaining water to glide between the ice to cool the warm of my tongue lingering from the amazing meal. I stand from my seat as her fragile frame nods towards the bedroom. My skin breezes with goosebumps as serotonin charges me with excitement.

*Cough* *Cough*

Her small gentle hand grabs hold of mine as her vibrant smile relaxes me. She leads me into her parent’s bedroom and turns me to sit on her bed. My bulge aches within my jeans as I caress my hand over it.

She nods and giggles. Her young voice once again acting as a trigger I fall back into the bed with a hot passion.

She helps me out of my shirt and caresses the folds filled with fat tissue underneath.

She moves her tiny hand into the bush on my hair as she gently pulls the main inciting a steam of heat overwhelming me.

My vision blurs as the heat overcomes my large build.

She pushes me back into the bed she climbs above me. Her petite lips brush unto the skin of my cheek slowly lifting as she pecks across ending on my eyelid.


She asks me to relax as her small breath warms the side of my cheeks. I oblige.

“So why did you do it?”

The police surround the house of the young girl with armed police officers and investigators questioning the perpetrator inside.

“I don’t understand?”

Blood was pooling on the kitchen floor. Parts of human flesh were placed on the countertop separated by saran wrap. The body parts were cut with precision and separated into piles. One labeled waste. The other was being prepped to be skinned and cleaned. The aroma of feces and bile made some of the green officers hold unto their stomach. Crime team cleaners already during their work as they empty the fridge of packaged parts of previous victims. Arsenic was labeled as the murder weapon and traces where found in some of the meal that was prepared that same day.

“What went through your mind to do this?”

The young girl sat there in silence. Bloodstained nitrile gloves covered her small hands. A small grin decorated her delicate mouth. She was to be charged for the murder and cannibalism of fourteen male tinder victims. A number that mirrors her age perfectly.