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Please refrain from leaving so often, your presence here feeds me.
Entertain me!

Incoherent thoughts .01 Colors

There is a war in my mind. It’s a war between colors. Blue doesn’t want to let red win. Oh how quaint. he’s wiggling his little arm at me. Huh, he seems mad. Oh that’s right he prefers to be called Cerulean. Latin for sky? Ha he’s nodded in agreement. I was right, but too bad. I am too tired to use such an eccentric name.

Anyways. Blue is mad since every other primary color has way more analogous members than he does. Of course this is assuming blue has trichromatic vision like us. Hey guys, do not get bored now. What? You are not understanding me? That means our eyes process three main colors through three cones? Three main channels? Three color receptors? Alright as long as you get the point I am making. No I am not explaining analogous. Search engines exist so use them.

Oh look. There goes Blue and his mates, attacking red again. Careful buddy because there is no use in getting mad at me. I refuse to call you Celan or whatever you wanted me to call you. If you keep getting so hot headed you are only gonna turn red-er and basically be one of Red’s teammates. What? You guys also have names and want me to address you as such. Okay. What are they. Phlux? Carmine? No no no no no. You over there looking off into the distance, whats your name? Wisteria? What? Wait a minute, what about you in Blue’s team? Zaffre? And you? Xanadu? I’m sorry but you are Pink, Red, Purple and you are Blue’s Darker Cousin. And I don’t know about you, but you look like a Grey to me buddy.

Oh, I am racist now? Sweat Baby Carrot, I can’t call you guys by such weird names. The audience wont be able to follow and my memory is NOT that good, worst of all it will be inconvenient for me. Bah I don’t need you guys Yellow is a much better fellow than all of you combined. Right Yellow? Did you just seriously eat Orange? Why are you looking at me like that. I am exhausted. All of you guys are simply too much.