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As a butler, my sole purpose is to provide you with entertainment via; games, stories, art and more.

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Recent Releases

  • Madriana’s Inheritance

    Madriana’s Inheritance

    “You’re a Witch!” “And you are a bloody stain in the family.” “I’ll expose you! Just wait till I show my father!” “That bastard won’t believe a damn thing from your whore mouth, especially after being caught drunk. He still …Read More »
  • Estrella’s Sunlight: Chapter 1

    Estrella’s Sunlight: Chapter 1

    Her slender hand trembled above her head. Rope imprinted itself unto her wrists. Red fluid dripped over the soot of her filthy hair. Pools of tears quench the thirsty earth below. The moonlight shining bright red in resonance with her …Read More »
  • Estrella’s Sunlight: Prologue

    Estrella’s Sunlight: Prologue

    “Again? Why do I always have to deal with bullshit!?” The man sat at his desk exhausted from his work. It had been a long day and his co-worker asked him to fill in for him. It was not a …Read More »
  • Estefania


    Why would you wonder? Does her soft flesh leave you in steaming passion? Is the lingering aroma of her perfume that perforates your senses? Or is it the scent of sweet flora that upon her breath? Cerise. The tint that …Read More »
  • My Son’s Twilight

    My Son’s Twilight

    The rays of the sun peek through the window disturbing my sleep. It is the morning and so I hurriedly head downstairs to prepare breakfast for two. Two plates, two cups, two sets of silverware. I turn on the stove …Read More »